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Trinkhor: Trinkhor 3

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Welcome to our website. We are a group of people trying to make some tibetan music that will please your ears, touch your hearts and raise your spirits. 

To all Trinkhor fans!!

Many fans asked me where they can get Trinkhor I and II. We tried to provide all Trinkhor songs on our website in the past, but it didn't work properly. We reinstalled it once again so that now everyone should be able to download all songs free of charge from our website.

I am saddened about the news, that Dupey, one of the greatest singer and songwriter of the snowland passed away today after a severe illness. Let us pray together for his rebirth and comeback, so that we may some time hear him again in the mountains of the snowland. His influence on Tibetan music will remain for centuries! Good bye Dupey, we will miss you!!!

Tawo Lobsang Palden



Once again thanks to all, who have been so supportive to sell the Trinkhor V DVD`s and CD`s. All in all, the result up to now has been very satisfying. Here are the details:

CANADA: Out of 200 DVD`s and 15 CD`s 15 CD x $15 = $ 225 175 DVD x $20= $ 3500 Zessay Gyaltsen's candy store donation= $ 234 TOTAL 4000 $ were transferred to the Tadra-Association account

AMERICA: Out of 200 DVD`s and 15 CD`s 113 DVD x $19 = $ 2147 15 CD x $12 = $180 Donation= $81 TOTAL= $ 2408 (was transferred to the Tadra-Association account)

AUSTRALIA: Out of 100 DVD`s and 15 CD`s The sale is not jet completed. So far the first sale on Trungkar was very poor (5 DVD`s) BELGIUM: Out of 200 DVD`s and 15 CD`s 20 DVD`s were sold.

SWITZERLAND: Out of 250 DVD`s and 35 CD`s all sold 250 x 24 CHF.= 6000 CHF = 6633,43 $ 35 x 12 CHF.= 420 CHF = 6633,43 $ Donation = 241,10 CHF = 266,55 $ TOTAL = 6902,2 CHF = 7630,87 $ ( were transferred to the Tadra-Association account)


The production of Trinkhor V cost ( studio charges for recording 14 songs + video edition + print cost for 1000 DVD`s and 100 CD`s + print cost for the posters etc. ) in total 8200,- Euro.= 11014,2 $

This sum will be my donation to the Tadra-Project. Dr. Sonam Palden Kundeling from New Mexico and Mrs. Tsering Yangchen Gyaltsen from Toronto donated together 1000 US $ to cover the postage charges. So on the whole, it was a very successful project ( TOTAL RECEIPTS = 26 053,07 $ ), which has only been possible because of your help!!!

Thank you so much!!!

With warm greetings

Tawo Lobsang Palden


Why should someone buy this album?    Here are some reasons:

1) New in this album is the quality and quantity of the songs (14 brand new songs. Usually Tibetan music CD`s or DVD`s have in average only 7-8 songs).     All these songs are new composed and written and performed by Tibetan artists. The songs have been recorded in a top sound studio in Germany called Coconut, where several world hits have been produced in the past and the DVD`s and the audio CD`s have been printed in Germany with high western standard.

2) New is, that for the first time artist from Tibet and exile sing together ( Sherten)

3) All the proceeds will go to the 2 Tadra-children-villages in Tibet where more than 500 nomad orphans live (

4) This album will be the last Trinkhor album after more than 30 years of entertainment.



We are pleased to announce, that our Trinkhor-Concert DVD will be released in the mid of June 2010 in the United Staates, India and in Europe. There are 15 songs and some jokes on it and all the singers, like Youlha, Riga, Serlha Tawo; Tenzin Nelung, Tsering Topden Nelung, Lobsang Palden Tawo and our special guest Laddakh Phuntsog can be seen on it. We hope to please those of you who asked so many times for a Trinkhor DVD. Enjoy it!!! Palden.